巴哈’我与Rainn Wilson进行博客广播

您好,欢迎来到巴哈’我与您的主持人Rainn Wilson一起播客。

In this series of podcasts I interview members of the 巴哈’i Faith and other friends from all over the world about their hearts and minds and souls, their spiritual journeys, 什么 they’re interested in, and 什么 makes them tick. Enjoy!



在我们的第一集中,我们与Baha的创始人拉开序幕’我和Naysan Naraqi博客互访。我们谈论巴哈’i博客,海地少女教育,世界公民,我们的书’重新阅读,是一名巴哈教徒’我在好莱坞,还有一些我们’在我们的个人生活中努力工作。 点击这里 了解有关此播客的更多信息。

第2集:Tierney Sutton

在这一集中,我 interview multi-award winning Jazz singer and legend, Tierney Sutton. Tierney has won and been nominated for countless awards, including six consecutive Grammy nominations for Best Jazz Vocal Album. Tierney and I talk about 怎么样 she first got into music, became a 巴哈’i, why she studied Russian, the power of music and the Holy Word, 怎么样 Jazz and consultation relate, her favourite 巴哈’i quote, and 什么 she’s working on in her personal life. She even sings a beautiful prayer for us all as well, so I hope you enjoy this one! 点击这里 了解有关此播客的更多信息。

第3集:Justin Baldoni

在这一集中,我 interview my good friend, 巴哈’我是演员兼电影制片人贾斯汀·巴尔多尼(Justin Baldoni)。贾斯汀(Justin)目前正主演热门电视节目“Jane the Virgin”,然后在此播客中,我们谈论成为新父亲,个人的艰辛和对上帝的信任,制作有关死亡的视频,并创建内容作为治愈之源,呐喊!应用和社交媒体,重新定义男性气概,并为无家可归者庆祝生日。 点击这里 了解有关此播客的更多信息。

第4集:Layli Miller-Muro

在这集我 interview Layli Miller-Muro, founder and Executive Director of the Tahirih Justice Centre, a non-profit which provides free legal services to women and girls who are fleeing human rights abuses. The 要么 ganization which was founded in 1997 and serves nearly 19,000 women aims to promote a world where women and girls enjoy equality and live in safety and dignity. In this interview Layli and I talk about her aspirations for service as a youth, her early experience as a lawyer, 怎么样 the Tahirih Justice Centre came about, keeping the Faith at the center of 什么 you do, personal detachment and welcoming tests, engaging with the wider community in your own field, plus a lot more. 点击这里 了解有关此播客的更多信息。

第5集:Payam Zamani

在这集我 interview Payam Zamani, Iranian-born entrepreneur and philanthropist living in San Francisco. He tells me about his escape from Iran to the United States, his early religious experiences as a 巴哈’i, including the discrimination he experienced in Iran, his family’s pioneering journeys in different countries, his humble beginnings, switching careers, becoming a business owner and his desire to find the spirit of service in his work, plus a lot more. Payam is the Founder, Chairman and CEO of One Planet Ops and the Co-Founder and Editor-in-Chief of www.bahaiteachings.org. 点击这里 了解有关此播客的更多信息。

第6集Andy Grammer& Aijia

在这集我 interview Andy Grammer and his wife Aijia. We talk about 怎么样 they met and 什么 married life is like, the evolution of their careers, having a baby in the kitchen, trying to ‘keep it real’ in all that you do, tests and perseverance, songwriting, death and loss, becoming a 巴哈’i, their favourite 巴哈’i quotes, plus they even sing Aija’s favourite quote for us at the end of the podcast. 点击这里 了解有关此播客的更多信息。

第7集:Steven Phelps

在这集我 interview Dr. Steven Phelps, physicist, philosopher and translator who currently lives Oregon, USA. We talk about his experience growing up as a 巴哈’i, his studies in physics and philosophy, when his deepest beliefs were challenged, his move to the 巴哈’i World Centre in Haifa and his experience as a Hebrew, Arabic and Persian translator. We also look into some of the deepest philosophical questions and share thoughts about 怎么样 the world works, the relativity of religious truth, science and religion, consciousness, and the progress of civilization. 点击这里 了解有关此播客的更多信息。

第8集:蕾拉& Ryan Haidarian

在这一集中,我 interview my friends Leyla and Ryan Haidarian who live in Johannesburg, South Africa with their son. We talk about the unexpected way in which they moved to South Africa from Los Angeles, their media company which produces, distributes and develops financing for movies, television shows and creative projects. We talk about the special story of 怎么样 they met on pilgrimage, about their professional path, their experience in the film industry, and their passion for doing work that has an impact and affects lives. We also look at topics like surrendering to the will of God, the struggle of fame and status, the concept of self, tests and accepting them with radiant acquiescence, and their experience with marriage as a fortress of wellbeing. 点击这里 了解有关此播客的更多信息。


在这集我 interview Tom Price, a 巴哈’i music composer, director and well-known public speaker currently living in Adelaide, Australia. We talk about his background, his travels, his experience doing music projects for global 巴哈’i events, and the fascinating story of 怎么样 he became a 巴哈’i. We look at topics like the harmony between science and religion, walking and its meditative benefits, spiritual principles and 怎么样 they apply to the physical world. We also talk about his experience as a public speaker whose talks have become widely shared and listened to around the world, his creative process with music, his daughter’s band Lake Street Dive, upcoming projects, some of the research he’s doing, and some of his current spiritual goals. 点击这里 了解有关此播客的更多信息。

第10集:Joy DeGruy

在这集我 interview Dr. Joy DeGruy, an internationally renowned researcher, educator, author and presenter living in the United States. We talk about 怎么样 she became a 巴哈’i and her research and work creating and developing the concept of Post Traumatic Slave Syndrome. We also talk about 怎么样 we can affect change in society, especially when it comes to dismantling racism, and we end our discussion speaking about Joy’s love of fishing. 点击这里 了解有关此播客的更多信息。


在这集我 interview the wonderful Luke Slott, a 巴哈’i singer and songwriter from Dublin, Ireland who has an equally wonderful head of hair. We talk about his musical background and 怎么样 he became a 巴哈’i; 怎么样 he first started composing music based on the 巴哈’我的作品和他的新专辑’刚刚在巴哈月中释放’i Fast called 夜莺年,专门纪念今年举行的巴哈欧拉诞辰200周年。他向我们讲述了他那本引人入胜的书’s currently reading; 什么 personal struggle he’s currently trying to overcome, and 什么 advice he would give to other artists and musicians. He also sings one of the songs from his new album live for us, and shares another one of them at the end of our beautiful conversation. 点击这里 了解有关此播客的更多信息。


在这集我 interview my 巴哈’我的朋友迈克尔·彭(Michael Penn)是富兰克林(Franklin)的临床心理学家和心理学教授&美国宾夕法尼亚州兰开斯特的马歇尔学院。我们谈论他如何成为巴哈教徒’我和他和他的妻子见面的酷故事;我们讨论美丽并成为我们的真实自我;希望与绝望种族主义以及我们每个人如何克服种族主义;人类是已知宇宙中最灵敏的信号检测系统– yep that’是的!我们谈论他的书’以及哲学如何成为科学与灵性之间的桥梁。 点击这里 了解有关此播客的更多信息。

第13集:埃里卡·巴特多夫(Erika Batdorf)

在这集我 interview Canadian multidisciplinary artist, performer and creator, Erika Batdorf. Erika’的作品获得了无数奖项,并在世界各地享有盛誉。她在加利福尼亚参加SBCAST务虚会,所以我和她坐在一起,就科学与艺术如何相交进行了精彩的交谈。她的表演‘Burnish’以及她所有的工作如何’受Baha启发’我的著作。我们讨论身体如何以及“感觉”到身体的能力–就像我们心脏的跳动,甚至是步行的力量–对我们的灵魂有影响。她讲述了一个有趣的故事,她是如何在9岁时第一次被介绍给巴哈伊信仰的,以及她十几岁的时候会扮成小丑搭便车到格林阿克尔去。她分享自己的个人奋斗之一,她最喜欢的巴哈’我引用了她的话,她还为年轻的巴哈提供了一些很棒的建议’i artists. 点击这里 了解有关此播客的更多信息。

第14集:假期& Kathryn

在这集我 sit down with my wife Holiday Reinhorn and dear friend Kathryn Adams to talk about LIDÈ, a not-for-profit educational initiative the three of us started. LIDÈ, which means both “Leader” and “Idea” in Haitian Kreyol, uses the arts and literacy to build resilience and empower at-risk adolescent girls in rural Haiti, helping them to transition into academic 要么 vocational education.

我们三个人分享我们的经验,并讨论2010年海地地震的毁灭性后果不仅使该国丧命,而且还发现了教育和增强青春期女孩的能力的需求。我们讨论希望的必要性和重要性;不仅教育的重要性,而且为什么特别要对妇女进行教育至关重要。我们还讨论了采用“grassroots-up”发展工作的方法,而不是“top-down”方法,我们来谈谈‘accompaniment’以及我们每个人内部都有一颗需要开采的宝石。我们讨论信任和信仰的重要性;什么是“轻按”,以及LIDÈ’的残疾儿童计划得以实现。 点击这里 了解有关此播客的更多信息。

第15集:Susan Gammage

在这集我 interview professional life coach Susan Gammage from Canada. We talk about 怎么样 she became a 巴哈’i, why she became a life coach, and 怎么样 she uses the 巴哈’i Writings in her work and everything she does. We delve deep into the idea of ‘sin’ and ‘shame’ and she explains why she believes “it’s the stories that separate us and the reactions that unite u”s. We talk about her very popular blog SusanGammage.com and all of the books she’s written and working on. We discuss the spiritualization of money; workaholism and other addictions; 什么 she’s currently reading, and 怎么样 饶恕 is the key to solving so many things within us. 点击这里 了解有关此播客的更多信息。

Episode 16: Maziar 巴哈ri

在这集我 interview Maziar 巴哈ri, an Iranian Canadian journalist, filmmaker and human rights activist who was imprisoned and tortured by the Iranian government for five months in 2009. After he was released, he wrote his memoir called 然后他们来找我成为《纽约时报》的畅销书,也是乔恩·斯图尔特(Jon Stewart)的基础’s 2014 film 玫瑰水。在谈话中,我问他为什么,即使他不是巴哈教徒’我,他一直在积极争取巴哈的权利’在伊朗。我们谈论他的宗教背景;他对暴政的想法;为什么巴哈的情况’对于整个伊朗人民以及他如何从一名记者转变为一名激进主义者来说,伊朗的地位至关重要。他分享了他在监狱中的经验教训,并向巴哈教徒提供了一些个人建议。’社区,并向伊朗和世界人民传达了一条信息。 点击这里 了解有关此播客的更多信息。

第17集:玛丽& Clark

在这集我’米在加拿大多伦多,采访夫妻玛丽·达林和克拉克·唐纳利。除了拥有比我所能追踪的更多的孩子,他们还有自己的媒体公司WestWind Pictures,该公司旨在宣传美丽与团结的主题。除其他外,他们还因其受欢迎的电视喜剧系列而闻名 大草原上的小清真寺,我问他们该系列节目是如何开始的,并且对节目产生了什么样的影响。他们共同面临着制作一部涉及神圣事物的喜剧的挑战,以及他们如何带来巴哈’我将原则融入创作过程。我们讨论咨询的重要性,它有什么意义’例如作为夫妻团队工作,制作人的角色以及他们各自成为巴哈的方式’是。他们还分享自己的书’重新阅读,他们个人努力做到更好,以及他们最喜欢的Baha’i Writings.

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在这集我 speak with Hong Kong based Chinese soul-pop superstar Khalil Fong, otherwise known in Chinese as 方大同, which is “Fang Da Tong”。哈利勒(Hhalil)在将折衷的国际音乐风格带给中国观众方面发挥了非常重要的作用,尤其是灵魂音乐和R ’n’B.除了创作热门歌曲外,Khalil的直立角色也被认为是积极的榜样。在这次采访中,我们谈论了他的音乐影响力以及激发他从事音乐事业的动机。他告诉我他的歌曲是关于什么的,他的信仰如何激发他的音乐以及他所做的一切。我们讨论了中国的灵性,他是一名素食主义者,有自己的唱片公司,真正使他着迷于信仰,这是他为儿童设计的令人兴奋的新项目’和他的母亲一起工作,以及他对其他有抱负的艺术家的建议。

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在这一集中,我采访了凯文·洛克(Kevin Locke),在拉科塔“Tokaheya Inajin”意思是“先崛起”。无论是拉科塔还是阿西纳贝,凯文都是美国原住民巴哈’我是世界著名的有远见的箍舞者,北方土著土著长笛演奏家,传统讲故事者,文化大使,唱片艺术家和教育家,在90多个国家和地区的数十万人中表演了近40年。凯文(Kevin)居住在美国的斯坦丁克(Standing Rock),与我谈论拉科塔(Lakota)文化,一些传统的预言以及女性在社会中的力量。他告诉我他如何成为巴哈教徒’一,解释参与艺术和与创作者联系的力量,以及巴哈的启示’u’llah触及地球上的所有民族,无论他们来自什么文化背景,这对于我们彼此学习以及关于我们的集体遗产和许多其他令人着迷的事物来说多么重要。在对话结束时,凯文在长笛上分享了一首优美的歌‘The Eagle’s Flight’.

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在这集我 speak with Nader Saiedi, Taslimi Foundation Professor of 巴哈’i Studies in the department of Near Eastern Languages and Cultures at University of California. Born in Tehran, Iran, and having lived in the US since 1978, professor Saiedi tells me about his personal journey from being a staunch Marxist to becoming a 巴哈’i, and 怎么样 he was humbled by the sacred 巴哈’i Writings and moved by the steadfastness of the 巴哈’is being persecuted in Iran. Among other things, we talk about slavery, historical consciousness, and the thousands of untranslated and unpublished tablets by the Bab and 巴哈’u’llah he’s been studying recently. Hope you enjoy the conversation!

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第21集:萨拉& John Barton

在这一集中,我与我的基督徒邻居萨拉和约翰·巴顿进行了精彩的交谈。莎拉(Sara)是一位作家,通常喜欢同时写诗和在圣塔莫尼卡山脉远足。她是加州佩珀代因大学的牧师大学牧师,负责社区的礼拜和牧师活动。约翰(John)是佩珀代因大学(Pepperdine University)信仰与学习中心的主任,他还在宗教与哲学系以及社会企业家与变革研究生课程中任职。约翰还在非洲哲学,伦理学和慈善事业,基督教研究,宗教间对话以及基督教与穆斯林的互动方面演讲和进行研究。我们三个人谈论基督的地位,为他人服务的重要性,以及为什么信仰间对话和学习宗教在当今社会中很重要。他们分享在更广泛的社区中积极参与并保持其基督教信仰和承诺的重要性。他们还告诉我有关他们帮助创办的非营利组织的信息,以及他们在乌干达的八年教育给了他们什么。我们讨论了社区对个人,祈祷和冥想的重要性,为什么他们喜欢与大学生一起工作并对未来充满希望。萨拉甚至分享了她为巴哈写的一首美妙的诗’我也进行Blogcast,所以希望您喜欢这个对话。

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第22集:鲁哈·本杰明(Ruha Benjamin)

在这集我 sit down with Dr. Ruha Benjamin, a mother, a scholar, an author and associate professor in African 美国n Studies at Princeton University, who writes and speaks about science and technology, race and inequality. Ruha and I talk about racist robots and the use of technology, the relationship between unity and justice, the Marshall Island’以及她的父母-《星际迷航》(Star Trek),婚姻作为灵魂成长的机器的例子,以及如何实现社会变革也需要考虑事物的精神现实。我们还将研究独立调查真理的重要性以及挑战我们自己的假设的必要性,以及阿卜杜的绝妙例子’巴哈(l-Baha)以及他如何挑战现状。希望您喜欢我的对话!

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第23集:Siamak Hariri

在这集我’米,在加拿大多伦多,获奖建筑师Siamak Hariri的漂亮住所。西亚马克(Siamak)是巴哈(Baha)的建筑师’i House of Worship for South 美国, located in Santiago, Chile, and he talks to me about his family and 怎么样 he was first drawn to architecture, some of his thoughts and inspirations behind the design of the temple and its relationship with the community, and 怎么样 architecture can touch the heart. We discuss the interplay between material and nonmaterial, where things like proportion and composition are enveloped in mysticism, ideas relating to prayer, and 怎么样 things like composition and refinement are important and 怎么样 they’重新与我们的更高抱负联系在一起。他还分享了对巴哈的一些理解’我信仰,他最喜欢的一些巴哈’i著作,以及以一种面向未来并影响后代的方式来塑造我们的思维的重要性。希望您喜欢这个对话。

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我们前门上方是手写的“最伟大的名字”,由圣殿之手萨曼达里先生的儿子绘制,作为送给祖父母的礼物。当我走进自己的房子时,我想到一个事实,就是我还是个婴儿时(尽管是个巨大的苍白的婴儿),我遇到了Samandari先生,他在1967年前往西雅图,而他是最后一个在巴哈度过的人'我想写一篇关于这种非凡联系的文章:我曾经是一个遇见THE GUY的家伙的婴儿!那就是我们的信仰有多年轻。我们所有人之间的联系如何。
我决定记录这一集的论文,我想补充一点,我认为至关重要的是,巴哈教徒寻求与尽可能多的不同社区,尽可能多的不同社区分享我们的历史,观点,幽默和故事尽我们所能与坦诚的人进行深入的对话,目标是对话本身,而不是“ version依”。


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在这集我’在美国芝加哥与Paylocity.com创始人Steve Sarowitz以及‘门:巴哈的黎明’i Faith’,这是一部新的纪录片,讲述了巴b的生平,他的信息以及巴比宗教的起源。在这次对话中,我们不仅讨论了《巴布》的生平和这部精彩的新纪录片,而且史蒂夫热情地分享了他对什么的想法。‘forgiveness’可能意味着他如何成为巴哈教徒’i, 什么 he’从巴哈的志愿活动中学到的’我在芝加哥的礼拜堂的概念‘渐进的启示’,以及分享巴哈教义的重要性’我对每个人都充满信心,同时注意不要太用力。


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第26集:Syda& Kelsey

在这集我’再次在芝加哥,我’我的朋友Syda Segovia Taylor和Kelsey Taylor夫妇住在一起,他们住在芝加哥地区。 Syda是与社会正义相关的顾问,而Kelsey拥有自己的土木工程公司。他们都是巴哈教徒’我信仰并热衷于围绕社会正义和青年赋权问题开展工作。在这次对话中,我们谈论他们的工作’再做,有关种族,青年,暴力,邻里社会不平等及其教训的问题’我学到了。他们也很开放并谈论他们如何’在21岁的婚姻中,他们两次分开,那是什么样子,以及他们为加强彼此关系以及为巩固个人身份而付出的辛勤工作。


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第27集:Shadi Toloui-Wallace

在这集我’我亲爱的朋友Shadi Toloui-Wallace(她是歌手和词曲作者)的主持人也加入了自己的播客节目‘Cloud 9’。我们谈论在努力成为专业艺术家的同时努力保持日常生活的协调性,以及创造巴哈’我启发的音乐与世俗的音乐。她告诉我她的音乐’一直在努力,附近的年轻人正在经历激动人心的事情,服务的重要性,她分享了有关家庭和成长的一些知识,以及她个人生活中的一些令人振奋的消息。我们谈论巴哈’i Blog’的工作室会议和对巴哈的需求’受i启发的基层音乐,而沙迪在播客的结尾为我们唱了一首美丽的歌,所以请按‘play’收听此有趣的对话!

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第28集:Linda Kavelin-Popov

在这集我 interview the wonderful Linda Kavelin-Popov, a psychotherapist, award-winning writer, and one of the creators of the globally acclaimed ‘Virtues 项目’, which is celebrating its 30th anniversary this year! Linda tells me the story behind the Virtues 项目, and why her and her husband moved to the beautiful Cook Islands. We also discuss death and dealing with loss, the importance of prayer and meditation, plus we even do a fun activity at the end of the podcast where I pick a Virtues Card and we reflect on 怎么样 it relates to my life. I hope you enjoy this conversation as much as I did!

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第29集:比利·罗伯茨(Billy Roberts)

在这集我 interview Billy Roberts, a dear friend who’s a therapist by profession, and who has also served in a variety of capacities on a number of 巴哈’i Institutions. He was also behind an initiative called the ‘Baha’i Black Mens Gathering’, so in this conversation Billy tells us about the Black Mens Gathering, 什么 he’s learned by serving on various 巴哈’i Institutions, and 怎么样 he became a 巴哈’i. We also talk about the benefits of therapy, ideas around culture and identity, and some of the lessons we can all learn from the African-American experience. I hope you enjoy the conversation!

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第30集:Omid Djalili

在这集我’我和我亲爱的朋友,演员和喜剧演员喜剧演员Omid Djalili一起在英国伦敦旅行。奥米德(Omid)带我兜风,讲故事和开玩笑,他向我讲述了自己的家人,以及在英国成长为唯一的13岁小胡子的孩子的感觉。我们谈论足球,祈祷,梦想,感激之情,以及将我们的生活与服务和社区建设联系起来的重要性。奥米德(Omid)告诉我他是如何喜剧的,他分享了四个改变人生的观点,我认为这是你的’会发现非常有趣!加入我和奥米德,进行令人发指的有趣对话!

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第31集:Mam-Yassin Sarr& David Fox

在这集我 have the delightful Mam-Yassin Sarr and her husband, David Fox, visiting me at my home in California. They are visiting me from The Gambia in West Africa, and they are the founders of Starfish International, a non-profit dedicated to educating and empowering girls in The Gambia. In this conversation we talk about 怎么样 they met, 怎么样 each of them discovered the 巴哈’我信仰,以及海星国际背后的灵感。我们还谈到冈比亚的生活,国际冲突和种族主义以及教育的强大变革力量。希望您喜欢我们的对话!

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第32集:Moojan Momen

在这集我’m与Moojan Momen在英格兰切尔西–白天是医生,晚上是学术人员! Moojan撰写了许多书籍和论文,涉及各种主题,例如 巴哈’i Faith and Hinduism, 至 The God of 巴哈’u’llah. Moojan tells me 什么 led him to research and writing, and he also shares his thoughts on 什么 makes the 巴哈’我信仰独特。我们讨论重点巴哈’u’llah places on consultation, and we also look at 怎么样 certain social structures can change if we want them to, and the importance of that change coming from the grassroots. I hope you enjoy our conversation as much as I did!

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第33集:JB Eckl

在这集我’我在洛杉矶家中与我亲爱的朋友和音乐家JB Eckl交谈。 JB’曾参与无数音乐项目,包括他在巴哈闻名的The Badasht 项目’i circles. He tells me 怎么样 he ended up in a rock band in Mexico as a teen, why we need music and the arts in everything we do, and why he loves Bob Marley so much. We also talk about dieting, guitar solos, 怎么样 the arts can translate complex ideas, and the importance of empathy. He also shares one of my favorite songs at the end, so hit 玩 and listen in on the conversation!

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在这集我 visit the Honorable Judge Dorothy Nelson in her home in California. Judge Dorothy W. Nelson is a Senior United States Circuit Judge of the United States Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit, and is an active member of the 巴哈’i Faith who served on the National Spiritual Assembly of the 巴哈’is of United States for many years. She tells me about the fireside she’s been running in her home since 1961, and about her late husband Jim and 怎么样 they both became 巴哈’is. She shares tips on having a happy marriage and integrating everyday life with your faith. We talk about the importance of ‘active’ listening, mediation and arbitration, and rehabilitation as an alternative to the justice system. She shares where she sees the 巴哈’i community going and reminds us that we’re a ‘learning community’, and she tells us the key to happiness. I hope you enjoy the conversation with this remarkable woman!

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在这集我’我和迈克尔·卡尔伯格(Michael Karlberg)坐在树林里的小屋里’受i启发,在华盛顿州White Salmon举行的青年静修活动被称为Windstock。迈克尔是西华盛顿大学传播学教授,他’s the author of ‘超越竞赛文化’,这是我经常在播客中引用的书。他告诉我他过去如何制作民谣吉他,以及如何成为巴哈(Baha) ’一,我们谈论媒体的力量以及我们如何需要重新思考一些关于世界的基本假设以及世界如何’前进。我们讨论了通过建设性和平和平复原力进行的非暴力社会变革,以及采取集体行动的挑战。迈克尔分享巴哈如何’我的信仰是一个激进运动,致力于解决个人和社会层面的变化,他解释了巴哈教义的方式。’正在为此而努力。希望您像我一样喜欢这次谈话!

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在这一集中,我 sit down with the multi-talented Kamal Sinclair, a dancer, percussionist, multi-media producer, and currently the Executive Director of ‘Future Architects’. In this conversation we talk about being in ‘Stomp’, new technology and emerging media, the future of work, meeting Ruhiyyih Khanum, 怎么样 art generates knowledge and the role beauty 玩s in the world, the difference between empathy and compassion, and the need to address trauma and abuse in the community. I hope you find this conversation as riveting as I did!

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Episode 37: 物理学与神秘主义 with Steven Phelps



这是我们于2019年7月7日在巴哈基金会大厅的现场观众面前拍摄的特别节目’我在芝加哥的礼拜堂。我们称这个事件“物理学与神秘主义”,这是我与物理学家,数据科学家,哲学家和翻译史蒂芬·菲尔普斯博士(Steven Phelps)进行的一次对话,’也曾在播客上播过。我们涵盖了广泛的主题,最后还有听众提出了一些很棒的问题,我’ve也包括在内。希望您像我一样喜欢这次谈话!

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在这集我’m in LA with 玩wright and author, Tom Lysaght. Tom and I talk about being a hippie and 什么 it really meant. He tells me about the three books he took with him on his mystical journey around the world and 怎么样 he became a 巴哈’一世。我们谈论巴哈的历史’我信仰,音乐,职业主义,讲故事的重要性,他的书’s been working on for over 30 years, and the crucial role love 玩s in religion. Thanks for listening and I hope you enjoy our conversation!

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在这一集中,我’m at my home in LA with Derik Smith, a professor in the Department of Literature at Claremont McKenna College in California, and his work focuses on African 美国n literary culture, with a particular interest in poetry. We talk about African 美国n poet and 巴哈’我,罗伯特·海登(Robert Hayden),再加上我们将黑人的概念比喻为“pupil of the eye” in the 巴哈’i Writings. We also discuss racism, the prison system, constructive resilience, and the role each one of us can 玩 in ensuring individual and social transformation and justice. I hope you enjoy the conversation!

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Episode 40: 巴哈导论’i Faith

在《巴哈大战》第40集中’我Blogcast,我们以为我们’d通过共享动画的音频版本来做一些不同的事情‘巴哈导论’i Faith’。我和巴哈一起制作了这个动画’i Blog和我们在BahaiTeachings.org和SwissVBS上的朋友,我们大约在一个月前发布了该报告-正好赶上了世界各地发生的Bab庆祝活动200周年。它’到目前为止,它的收视率非常高,观看次数超过一百万,并且鉴于当今我们中的许多人都在使用音频格式的内容,我们认为为Baha创建音频版本会很有用’i Blogcast在开始和结束时都附有您的个人评论。我希望您能发现这一集既有趣又有用!

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在这一集中,我’在冰岛雷克雅未克(Reykjavik)与冰岛气候理事会主席Halldor Thorgeirsson以及联合国气候变化秘书处(UNFCCC)退休高级主任一道。我们谈论环境,霍尔多(Halldor)教我关于碳物质的真正重要性。他告诉我有关冰岛,他的工作以及他如何成为巴哈教徒的信息’i, the importance of consultation and 伴奏, 巴哈’是影响了他一生的人,以及道德领导和参与社会建设性力量的重要性。希望您喜欢我的对话!

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第42集:Brukty Tigabu

在这一集中,我’在瑞士达沃斯世界经济论坛上,我采访了亲爱的巴哈兄弟布鲁克·蒂加布(Brukty Tigabu)’我是埃塞俄比亚的朋友,是年度社会企业家奖的获得者。作为一名学校老师,布鲁克蒂担心埃塞俄比亚缺乏早期儿童教育,因此15年前,她和丈夫开始‘哲海爱学习’,现在是最受欢迎的儿童和获奖儿童’在埃塞俄比亚的电视节目。在这次对话中,我们讨论了演出是如何开始的,是如何被埃塞俄比亚东正教基督徒抚养长大的,以及她如何成为巴哈教徒的’一世。她向我们介绍了埃塞俄比亚,’目前正在研究,她也分享了一些挑战’试图克服。希望您喜欢我的对话!

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第43集:Rhett Diessner

在这一集中,我’在我洛杉矶的家中,我的叔叔瑞德·迪斯纳(Rhett Diessner)是一位心理学教授,对美学和美感特别感兴趣。我们谈论道德推理,唯物主义以及他如何成为巴哈教徒’一世。我们讨论美的心理,如何’没有美就没有爱,而爱将整个宇宙凝聚在一起。瑞德(Rhett)告诉我,人类是如何紧密相连的,美将如何从字面上帮助拯救世界。希望您喜欢我的对话!

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第44集:Robert Kim-Farley博士的冠状病毒(COVID-19)特辑

随着最近冠状病毒(COVID-19)大流行在全球范围内蔓延,并且随着形势的继续发展,我认为让Robert Kim-Farley博士参加Baha’i Blogcast是时候了。 Kim-Farley博士是流行病学家和亲爱的Baha'i朋友,目前担任加利福尼亚大学公共卫生学院流行病学系和社区卫生科学系的教授,从2004年至2004年2018年,他担任洛杉矶县公共卫生部传染病控制与预防部主任。
In this episode, Dr. Kim-Farley (or Dr. Bob as I like to call him), tells us about the Coronavirus (COVID-19) and 什么 we know about it so far. He shares some possible scenarios of 什么 could happen in the coming months and gives examples of 怎么样 certain countries are fighting it. he tells us 怎么样 we can help slow down the spread of the virus, and he also shares his personal experience in 怎么样 they were able to completely eliminate polio from Indonesia.
Skip ahead to the 24-minute mark of the podcast if you don’t want to hear any more about the Coronavirus (COVID-19), and find out 怎么样 Dr. Bob got into epidemiology, 怎么样 he discovered the 巴哈’i Faith, met his wife, and recently joined a rock band. I hope you enjoy the conversation as much as I did, and also find it helpful!

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在这一集中,我’在洛杉矶,我和四个出色的姐妹一起生活在我的名下,分别是瓦迪(Vadi),纳瓦(Nava),妮卡(Nika)和努拉·埃斯迈里扎德(Nura Esmailizadeh)。能够’念他们的姓吗?唐’t worry, I still can’t get it right and I’我们已经认识姐妹和父母超过15年了!我希望他们在播客上学习如何一劳永逸地念出他们的姓氏,也因为他们’曾是青年巴哈的如此杰出的例子’积极服务于社区的人。他们告诉我他们的学业和社区服务’我们讨论了研究所程序,服务和社区建设工作的重要性,并在此过程中分享了自己的个人经验。我希望您能像我一样享受与这四个出色姐妹的对话!

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作为巴哈’是和他们的朋友们一起庆祝里德万(Ridvan)为期12天的音乐节,我认为最好制作一段有关里德万及其意义的特别视频短片,所以我和朋友汤姆·普莱斯(Tom Price)上网聊天这是巴哈的特殊时间’是。我希望您能发现有关Ridvan的小话题有趣而有益。

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在这一集中,我’与也门的宗教间活动家穆罕默德·阿尔·萨马维(Mohammad AL Samawi)在一起,‘The Fox Hunt’,这是一本翻页的书,讲述了他的生活和也门的逃亡。穆罕默德告诉我他在也门的生活以及那里的内战。他告诉我他的残疾如何帮助改变他的生活,以及他如何成为信仰不同的活动家。我们了解到寻求知识和真理的重要性’s self, and the positive power social media can 玩 in the world. He tells us about his harrowing escape from Yemen to the U.S., and celebrates the fact that there are so many good people in the world. I hope you enjoy this exciting conversation with Mohammed as much as I did!

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第48集:Nader Saiedi博士的对话声明



在这集特别节目中,我与纳德·赛迪(Nader Saiedi)博士谈及《巴布宣言》,他的振奋人心的信息为巴哈伊信仰创始人巴哈欧拉的到来铺平了道路。 Saiedi博士是美国加利福尼亚大学近东方语言与文化系的巴哈伊研究教授,他的大部分工作都集中在巴布的生活和作品上。我希望您喜欢关于《巴b宣言》的特别对话。我希望您能像我一样喜欢这个有趣的话题,关于Bab的畸变,并且一定要检查一下 影片版本 我们的谈话也是如此!

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第49集:Mahnaz Aflatooni Javid

在这一集中,我’m joined by my dear friend Mahnaz Aflatooni Javid, CEO of the Mona Foundation, and one of its founding members. Mahnaz tells me the inspiration behind the Mona Foundation, and 怎么样 a childhood car ride with her mom changed her life forever. She tells me about coming to the US as a teenager in the 1960s, and being one of only 15 youth volunteers at the 巴哈’i World Centre. We talk about education, attitudes around development work, the importance of grassroots service, and adopting a humble posture of learning in all that we do. I hope you enjoy our conversation!

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第50集:Masud Olufani

随着反种族主义抗议活动在美国乃至世界各地继续发生,在本集’m由非裔美国人,活动家,作家和巴哈(Baha)的多学科艺术家Masud Olufani参加’我主持播客‘America’最具挑战性的问题’旨在解决美国的种族主义问题。 Masud和我讨论了种族主义以及消除种族主义的一些挑战。他告诉我那是什么’s like to be a black man in the US, and the complexities of identity, and some of the mythologies tied into the fabric of 美国n society. We talk about the idea of discomfort and growth, and 怎么样 we have to be willing to grapple with it and bear the burden for the greater good. Masud tells me 怎么样 he became a 巴哈’我,他作为艺术家的作品以及巴哈作品’我的教学和活动不仅改变了他的生活,而且可以促进种族和谐。我希望您能像我一样发现这次重要的对话富有成果和启发性。

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第51集:芭芭拉& Radiance Talley

在这一集中,我’m和我们的第一个母女二人组Barbara和Radiance Talley一起生活在美国马里兰州。芭芭拉(Barbara)和光辉(Radiance)都是诗人,教育家,作家,并热衷于解决美国的种族主义问题。他们告诉我有关‘崛起:瞳孔’会议及其影响’s had. We talk about activism and 什么 we all can do to work towards racial harmony. And by sharing some of their poems with me, we get a raw and heartfelt glimpse into their lives and concerns as African 美国ns in the US. I hope you find this wonderful conversation as engaging and inspiring as I did.

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第52集:达拉·费尔德曼(Dara Feldman)

在这一集中,我’m与屡获殊荣的教育家,作家兼演讲者达拉·费尔德曼(Dara Feldman)一起,曾担任美德计划教育总监7年。我们谈论食物羞辱,12步计划的力量以及将美德融入我们生活各个方面的所有方式。她告诉我如何成为一名巴哈教徒’我,她对恢复性正义的热情,’s she’的工作,以及她最近在印度在世界上最大的学校工作的经验。希望您和我一样喜欢这次对话!

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第53集:肖恩·欣顿(第1部分)– The Story of Becoming the 巴哈骑士’u’llah for Mongolia

在这一集中,我’m由第一个巴哈(Baha)的肖恩·欣顿(Sean Hinton)’我曾经去过蒙古,因此被冠以‘Knight of 巴哈’u’llah’(您可以在下面的链接中了解更多信息)。肖恩目前与家人一起住在英格兰牛津。他接受过音乐训练,但他’s的职业非常多样化,也很有趣,为此生活!我希望肖恩分享他最终成为第一任巴哈教徒的故事’我要去蒙古,所以别再说了’做着,听听他的迷人故事!

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第54集:肖恩·欣顿(第二部分):父亲,失落与生命’s Lessons

在这一集中,我 catch up with Sean Hinton again (here’s part 1 (如果您错过了我们的对话),可悲的是,第二次对话发生在我父亲罗伯特·威尔逊去世之后。肖恩问我父亲,我们谈论损失,巴哈’我的葬礼,关于我们的父亲和我们的成长。我们还将讨论社区建设,教巴哈教义的重要性’我的信仰,职业以及如何‘what’我们做的不如‘how’我们做到了。我希望您能像我们一样发现我们对话的第二部分有趣而有见地。

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王座55区& Doug White

在这一集中,我’m joined by Anisa and Doug White, a wonderful and dynamic indigenous Canadian couple who both work in the field of law. We discuss indigenous culture in North 美国 and some of the challenges and experiences of their people. They tell me 怎么样 they found the 巴哈’i Faith, 怎么样 they found each other, and Doug tells me 什么 it was like being a chief for his people. We talk about raising children, and explore 什么’s needed to foster love and understanding amongst all peoples. I hope you enjoy the conversation!

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在这一集中,我’m由William H. Smith博士(或“ Smitty”)通过变焦加入’亲切地知道。史密斯(Smitty)是国家种族友好中心的创始执行董事,他’确实过着非凡的生活。他与我谈论种族隔离期间的成长,并分享了他如何成为巴哈教徒’一世。我们谈论在尝试遵守法律的同时平衡社会行动主义所面临的挑战,他强调了真正的友谊对创造正义和持久社会变革的重要性和严重影响。希望您像我一样喜欢这次谈话!

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第57集:朱丽叶& Novin

在这一集中,我’m几乎由来自英国的Juliet和Novin加盟,他们是Oneworld Publications的创始人,后者是一个了不起的精品出版商,以其名字获得无数奖项,力压众筹!我们谈论在马戏团工作,成为一名巴哈教徒’i, living in Cyprus, starting Oneworld, and the power of books in creating social change and also showing us 什么’未来可能。希望您像我一样喜欢这次谈话!

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在这一集中,我’m joined virtually by Dr. Louis Venters, an author and history professor who specializes in African 美国n studies and the 巴哈’i Faith in South Carolina. Louis tells us 怎么样 he became a 巴哈’i, and also explains 怎么样 the 巴哈’我的信仰成为南卡罗来纳州的第二大宗教,分享了一些历史和随之而来的细微差别,尤其是吉姆·克罗时代的结果。希望您像我一样喜欢这次谈话!

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在这一集中,我 wanted to talk about climate change and issues relating to the environment, so I’m由Arthur Dahl,Christine Muller和Afsaneh Angelina Rafii加入Zoom。这三个巴哈’以某种方式,形式或形式热切地参与了环境保护,我们讨论了一系列与环境有关的问题,包括需要解决的实际和精神主题。希望您和我一样喜欢这次重要的谈话!

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第60集:Nanabah Bulman

在这一集中,我’m由精彩的Nanabah Bulman(那瓦伙族人巴哈)通过变焦加入’i who’s been actively engaged in service to her people, especially with the youth. Nanabah tells us about life on the reservation, and shares Navajo culture and beliefs, and 什么 we can learn from the Native 美国ns. She tells us the Navajo legend of the Twin Brothers, and explains 怎么样 she strives to live up to the meaning of her name. I hope you enjoy this awesome conversation!

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